Where We Source Our CBD: C-Side Supply and Cryo Ethanol Extraction

We are beyond proud to share that we source our CBD oil from C-Side Supply, an Oregon-based company that produces full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and CBD extracts. This company sustainably sources the hemp and specifically utilize herbs from organic farms to ensure that the products they create are of the highest quality. C-Side Supply’s goal is to make domestically cultivated CBD extracts highly accessible, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of CBD. 

What is unique about C-Side Supply is that it utilizes a Cryo Ethanol extraction process in order to extract the cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plants and produce full-spectrum CBD oil.

Typically, CBD supply companies partake in the generic Ethanol extraction method. This method follows the process using ethanol (a form of lower alcohol) to separate the different components of the hemp plant. 

In this process, an extraction machine is filled with ethanol, and the plant buds are completely submerged into the solvent. As the extraction begins, the polar and nonpolar parts of ethanol work to dissolve both the hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules of the plant. The polar aspects dissolve hydrophilic compounds such as chlorophyll and tannins, while the nonpolar aspects work with the hydrophobic components such as lipids and terpenes. In the end, the plant should yield about 12.5% of the cannabidiol concentrate.

In the Cryo Ethanol extraction process, however, liquid nitrogen is continuously passed through the extractor to cool the ethanol down to freezing temperatures. The plant material is also frozen and the bud itself is reduced to a specific size. The entire process takes several hours, as both agitation and recirculation are integrated to maximize the accuracy of the extraction. 

This unique method that C-Side utilizes help produce more nutritious full-spectrum CBD oil, because the cryo ethanol preserves most of the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant during the extraction. This method C-Side Supply follows is what allows Vital Body Therapeutics’ products to be so high-end and effective. The CBD oil contains all of the “good stuff!"  


By Gloria Huang

Gloria Huang is a Vital Body Therapeutic intern, who is currently a fourth year student of Theater and Communication at UCSB. When she isn't writing for Vital Body or studying for her college classes, she is acting in theater productions and films.

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