Top 5 Considerations when Safely Sourcing CBD

Top 5 Considerations when Safely Sourcing CBD

With the advent of a booming CBD industry, everybody—from consumers to suppliers to vendors—seems to want in on the magic. There is good reason to be excited—with drug prices soaring and limited (or unsafe) alternatives to pharmaceutical medications, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a welcome addition to the wellness industry. Sourced correctly, CBD is safe, non-addictive, non-psychoactive and non-toxic. CBD should be celebrated as a natural alternative to treat pain and inflammation, and research on its applications should be ongoing.
June 24, 2019 by Kelly Stoll
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

People often ask about the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil. At the moment, there isn't an industry standard definition for each. Some use the term Full Spectrum to describe hemp oil that has a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. Even if there is less than .03%, some would call this a full spectrum. Some use the term Broad Spectrum in reference to hemp oil wherein 100% of the THC has been removed.

We work with a grass roots farm in Oregon that focuses their efforts on developing the best extraction methods available. Our trusted advisor, Cory Hill, from C-Side Supply says, "Our extraction processes have been designed to maximize not only CBD levels, but also, CBC, CBN and CBG.  When you hear the terms full or broad spectrum, they refer to oils that have not only CBD but also these other cannabinoids.  Preserving these cannabinoids requires extreme care as they can be destroyed in each step of the distillation process.  Further we have developed industry leading THC removal methodologies that result in non detectable THC levels.  This can be extremely important for your customers who work for the Federal Government or at entities with stringent drug testing regimens".

At VBT, we will continue to source only the finest ingredients from forward thinking companies that share our values and integrity. 

February 04, 2019 by Kelly Stoll
Soaking Up the Sun: CBD Herbal Solar Infusion

Soaking Up the Sun: CBD Herbal Solar Infusion

A critical component of our formulations is the blend of healing organic herbs we use. We don’t just toss some herbs in there and call it a day. Rather, we use a 6-week process of solar infusion to extract the medicinal properties of the herbs into a blend of organic olive and safflower oils. The process of herbal solar infusion is one of the oldest methods of medicinal extraction…we feel like we’re connecting with our ancestors every time we prepare a fresh infusion! For the history and botany geeks, check out this article for a historical timeline of the use of plant medicine.

This healing herbal oil is a star ingredient in our products and is a big reason why we’re different from other topicals on the market.

The Process

Dried HerbsWe start with 16oz of organic dried herbs such as arnica, ginger root, and comfrey. For a full list of all the herbs we use and their medicinal properties, check out this blog post. We source our herbs from companies who share our commitment to providing a clean, sustainable product. The herbs are placed in mason jars and covered with 96oz of blended organic olive and safflower oils, which gives us a 1:6 ratio of herbs to oil. This ratio is called the herb:menstruum ratio. The oils act as a solvent to soften and break the plant’s cell wall to release the herbs’ soluble phytochemicals into the oil.

The extraction process works best when done in gentle heat, which is where the sun gets to work its magic. After the herbs have been covered in oil, we add a little Vitamin E to help preserve its freshness, seal the jar tightly, and place it in a warm, sunny spot for 6 weeks. The sun will gently heat the oil and extract the plants’ goodness into the oil.

Shake It UP!

At least once per day, the jars are given a gentle shake. Stirring the mixture regularly encourages the transfer of the oil-soluble chemicals in the plant into the safflower and olive oils, thereby creating a more potent therapeutic blend. The length of time the infusion sits in the sun also determines the yield of extracted phytochemicals. Herbalists generally suggest 2-6 weeks, so we go for max time to get a very potent blend.

Strain…and strain again.

Once the infusion is ready, we double strain the herbs to make sure the oil is free from any remaining plant bits. Arnica is an especially hairy plant – it is made up of not only flowers but very fine “hairs”, so double straining is necessary to finish with a smooth, beautiful oil. Another dash of Vitamin E is added to preserve freshness of our finished oil, which is then stored in a cool, dark place until it’s ready for use in our Pain Relief Cream, Balm, and Massage Cream.

Try It Yourself

Now that you understand the process, try making your own solar infusion! How about some garlic rosemary olive oil to be used in your favorite pasta recipe? If you want a whole book full of great recipes and instructions on making your own herbal remedies, check out master herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar’s book, Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide.

We’ll be awaiting your dinner invitation to try out that pasta…😉

January 29, 2019 by Jennifer Galvin
CBD massage cream and pain relief cream for injuries and arthritis, skin irritation and aches and pains.



The word is out: CBD is helping people across the nation with a myriad of chronic and acute physical issues. Young and old, rich and poor, liberals and conservatives all come back saying the same thing: CBD is helping ease their discomfort. 

Despite the fact that CBD research is in its infancy, we cannot deny what happened at our spa, Vital Body Therapy, in Santa Cruz, CA, when we introduced it to our clients. Utter transformation. We heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from hundreds of our clients and generated 30% more revenue in our first month. The impact this service has had on our clients and staff is hard to overstate.


Introducing CBD massage and products into our spa gave us revenue boost we needed to offset our payroll costs, inspire our therapists and stand out before our competition. In our first month of launching CBD at Vital Body, we booked 86 CBD massages and sold 3K in retail CBD products. 

Top 5 reasons to offer CBD massage in conjunction with CBD retail products:

1. Increase your revenue without increasing your payroll costs. 

2. Provide a proven therapeutic benefit to you clients.

3. Set your spa above your competition.

4. Inspire your therapists and soothe their hard-working hands.

5. Be on the front end of a transformation in the wellness industry.

It's not easy to make it as a spa. There are so many barriers to success, even when your spa seems to doing well by all outer appearances. We highly recommend introducing this service and witnessing the impact. 

Our proprietary CBD massage cream has be tested on thousands of our clients at our clinic, Vital Body Therapy, in Santa Cruz, CA, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.  Made by massage therapists, for massage therapists, we are obsessed with quality, efficacy, absorption, glide, scent, and viscosity - all the components that make for a great massage cream.

We formulated it from scratch with eight organic pain relieving herbs including Arnica, Comfrey, Chamomile, Calendula, Dandelion, Ginger Root, and Hemp-Derived CBD for maximum relief of pain and inflammation. 

If you are interested in offering CBD massage at your spa or clinic, we will help you implement the service to ensure that you are successful. We will provide you with marketing materials to display for your clients so they can easily understand the benefits as well as any training you might desire. 

(Offering CBD massage in conjunction with our line of CBD pain Relief products drives sales on both ends -- clients who receive a CBD massage purchase the pain cream or mineral soak, while those who see the products displayed in your retail area are driven to book a CBD massage.)

We look forward to working with you!



September 28, 2018 by Kelly Stoll
Survey: Nearly Half of People Using CBD Stop Using Traditional Medicines

Survey: Nearly Half of People Using CBD Stop Using Traditional Medicines

The largest CBD usage survey reveals that nearly half of those using CBD products stop taking traditional medicines such as opiods, NSAIDs, and acetaminophen.
January 30, 2018 by Jennifer Galvin