Fybromyalgia/Lyme Disease

"Due to fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and myriad of other health ailments, I frequently suffer from pretty extreme joint pain and overall body pain.  Taking cannabis internally does not work well for me, and I already take other anti-inflammatory supplements such as turmeric and boswellia, but they barely touch the pain.  This CBD topical cream has been a lifesaver.  I use it on my neck when I feel a headache coming on and it nips it in the bud.  I use it on my hands and wrists for joint pain and it quickly penetrates into my skin and I swear I can feel it going to work.  I also use it on my knees and back, and it helps to alleviate pain in those areas quickly and works for a long time.  What I love most about this cream is the way that it smells.  It has a refreshing, embracing cedar like scent, and the menthol in it can barely be detected scent-wise, yet you can feel a gentle warming heat when you apply it. This is in contrast to other pain creams I have tried that smell so strongly of cannabis and/or menthol that you can't easily put them on in a public setting without feeling like everyone can smell it.  I've actually had classmates be so overwhelmed by the menthol smell of another cream that they were offended by it, but with this CBD cream I get comments as well but they are positive, such as "that smells so good, what is it?" Or, "Can I try some!"  I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like how this smells!  I also love that it has pure, organic, clean ingredients, with no funky or toxic additives.  It's by far the best pain relief cream I have ever tried.  I highly recommend trying this out!"  - Krista G, 30

Ganglion Cysts

"My hands get really beat-up on my job as a cabinet maker, and I’ve got painful ganglion cysts on most of my knuckles. I rub the cream into my hands every night, and every time they feel better within 5 minutes. I usually don’t love menthol, but this cream has just the right amount of tingle. Just enough to ease the pain, but not so much that it’s overpowering. This is the best stuff I’ve used for my hands by far." - Shawn F, 30 

Repetitive Stress Injury


"I’ve tried numerous ointments and balms. They vary greatly in terms of odor, greasiness and consistency. In many cases I’ve been bummed on the bad smell of other products or greasy salves that leave stains on my clothes. Vital Body’s cream absorbs quickly so no staining of clothing. It has the most pleasant smell of all the products I’ve tried.  Best of all it took the pain in my wrist away quickly for hours.  Have been telling friends about it and they too have great results. Thanks for making a product that works!"  - Cassandra, 28


“I use this cream every day for my arthritic hands. It smells amazing - light, clean and healthy. After about 15 minutes, the deep ache in my hands subsides. It’s not even greasy. I love it." - Mary Ann Jesson, 70

"My hands are constantly achy from arthritis. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any relief from pharmaceuticals. Vital Body pain cream has been the most soothing lotion I have found so far. It's velvety and thick, non-greasy and it smells really good. I am so happy something is finally working for me."  - Jennifer R, 52

Sports Injury

"Having been an athlete my entire life I understand pain. Whether mountain biking, surfing, skiing or running there were many injuries along the way. As you can imagine I’ve tried every pain cream on the market. When I discovered Vital Body’s products, I was skeptical at first.  After a recent hike, my ankle was swollen and painful, a reminder of an old baseball injury.  I decided to try the CBD cream and I’m stoked that I did! Upon application I immediately noticed a pleasant scent. This was a nice surprise as most other smell bad. Within 10 minutes I could feel relief. Before bedtime applied again and put a sock on. I have found that the sock overnight trick really makes the product work. Next morning the swelling and pain were gone so off to the beach I went. Thank you Vital Body Therapeutics!" - Gene, 64