The Vital Body Team of women entrepreneurs marry the power of hustle with their passion for service. These women are committed to offering a superior product made with natures purest plant medicine. After over 15 years of treating people in pain, they know what works and are dedicated to helping people live long and vital lives. 


Kelly Stoll, Co-Founder

Kelly has a vision to bring CBD into the lives of as many people as possible. As an Advanced Rolfer for over 12 years, she has treated thousands of people in pain. She co-founded Vital Body Therapy, the first therapeutic spa of its kind, and has trained over 50 therapists to offer advanced bodywork for lasting relief from pain and structural imbalance. After years of studying and working with medicinal properties of cannabis, she created Vital Body Therapeutics CBD line to further serve her clients healing process. She has seen hundreds of clients avoid costly surgeries and dangerous medications through thoughtful application of CBD. Her passion for natural medicine and knowledge of the spa industry has led her to focus her efforts on bringing this powerful and safe medicine to as many spas and health care practitioners as possible. Kelly is a passionate and dedicated leader, driven to build the best CBD company in the nation. She believes that nature, movement, plant medicine, good bodywork and human connection are the foundation for living a vital life.  In her free time, she loves going to the beautiful Sierra mountains to run, climb, swim, hike, and ski. 



Jennifer Galvin, CO-Founder Vital Body Therapeutics

Jennifer Galvin, Co-Founder












Kinsey Kelsen, Director Of Sales

Kinsey has been in the Cannabis Industry for thirteen years, in the Wellness Industry for twelve years, and owned her own business for eight years. Coming from a background in a large resort spa as an esthetician and spa professional, she understands the corporate structure and what it takes to get a new product on the shelves. She is deeply knowledgable about many aspects of the spa industry, from managing a budget, growing revenue, developing product lines, evolving the spa menu, hiring for success and brand and marketing management.  Her extensive background in natural medicine, esthetics and cannabis serve to make Kinsey an authority in the CBD space, helping spas and large and small businesses implement CBD services and products to ensure their success. She is highly organized, thorough, accountable and pays close attention to details. She is committed to the clients she serves and develops long lasting relationships across the board. She is a Santa Cruz native and lives near the beach with her boyfriend and Rotweiler, surrounded by family and friends. Her passion is to share alternative methods to decrease pain and pharmaceuticals so people can live their most active, healthy lives.


Samantha Keller, Pacific Northwest Sales Director 

Samantha Keller has been studying holistic health for over 24 years and has always been fascinated with optimizing energy and facilitating vibrant states of health. She was a practicing massage therapist for 16 years and is a certified Western Herbalist and Sound healer. She has spent most of her life weaving between her two passions, wellness and music, and has been a performing artist since she was a teenager. She has studied dance intensively for many years and always been an avid backpacker and hiker, truly feeling renewed in the great outdoors. 

Professionally she has run her own businesses for most of her adult life and is currently a vocal coach for entrepreneurs and singers. She has business management in her background as well as a variety of administrative experiences both in the holistic health world and music promotion. For a period of 3 years she cared for young people with autism and has always chosen professions that have given her a way to give back to her community. Samantha loves working as a sales manager for Vital Body Therapeutics, feeling aligned with the mission behind the company and is proud to be part of a movement focused on people being able to lead more active, thriving lives.


Caroline Stoll, Southern California Sales Manager

Caroline Stoll, Sales Manager













Jennifer Ramirez, Accounts Manager

Jennifer Ramirez, Accounts Manager