1 oz. Sample - CBD Massage Cream

1 oz. Sample - CBD Massage Cream

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1 ounce of massage cream is sufficient for a full body Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. With 50 mg of CBD per ounce you can deliver a truly therapeutic massage to your clients, while receiving the all the amazing benefits yourself.

We have been using our cream in our spa for over 3 years and our clients and therapists love it. We want to make it easy for you try, so the sample is on us!  Plus we'll include some information that will get you totally inspired to offer CBD massage in your practice, or, if you already do, to make it even more seamless. 

"As a massage therapist who has worked at several cannabis product events, I can whole heartedly say that this is the best CBD cream or oil I have ever used. One of the first things I noticed was that when I use it on clients, my hands don't get sore or tired. The second thing I noticed was that my clients were not as sore the next day even after receiving intense, deep tissue work. The inclusion of arnica and menthol in this product enhances the pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. My clients feel so relaxed when I use it and report that it decreases their pain significantly when they use it regularly."  - Johanna Kinter

"I love this CBD cream because my clients share that they experience an added sense of calm and lasting relaxation from it. As a massage therapist I appreciate how its texture is hydrating, yet not oily, so it's effective and enjoyable to use for both Swedish and deep tissue work. I look forward to using it in treatment sessions. It has now become an essential part of my personal self-care tool kit as well, and I highly recommend it!" -Sage Cress

"I like the silky smooth texture and soothing, fresh scent. My clients love it because the cooling effect relieves their muscle aches and calms their senses almost instantly. This cream has been a tool for me to help sooth physical, as well as mental fatigue. It has allowed me to sink into muscle  tissue with the confidence of knowing the chances of post bodywork soreness are significantly reduced. This means the body can function better with less compensation."

"What’s important to me in a cream is glide capability, and that is why I like this CBD cream. It extends well." 

"What is special about this cream compared to others is the integrity, care and attention considered in every batch. The organic herbs are selected with knowledge about their pain reducing properties. They are solar infused for up to 8 weeks before combined with the hemp cream." - J. Nemecek

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