Premium CBD Body Care
Handmade in Santa Cruz, CA
Lab tested for quality and consistency
All Natural Ingredients
Sustainably sourced / Non-GMO

It is your nature to move.

We believe that movement the most under-rated factor in health and happiness and that there is a better way to treat pain than using pharmaceutical drugs and costly surgeries.   Our pain relief products were formulated to help nourish your body so that you heal naturally and move more freely. 

Everything we offer has been tested and refined based  based upon the feedback from thousands of our clients at our spa, Vital Body Therapy, in Santa Cruz, CA.


Natural and Organic Ingredients

Small Batch Hand Made

Broad Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

Solar Infused Organic Herbs

Fast Absorbing

Zero Cannabis Scent

Women Owned and Operated Since 2011 

Featured CBD collection


All of our products are THC free, meaning there is no psychoactive effect or risk of failing a drug screening. You will not get “high” from any of our products.  We use the highest quality CBD and organic herbs in each formulation. We are committed to offering the most effect and natural product on the market.

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