Top 5 Reasons to Safely Sourcing CBD
With the advent of a booming CBD industry, everybody—from consumers to suppliers to vendors—seems to want in on the magic. There is good reason to be excited—with drug prices soaring and limited (or unsafe) alternatives to pharmaceutical medications, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a welcome addition to the wellness industry. Sourced correctly, CBD is safe, non-addictive, non-psychoactive and non-toxic. CBD should be celebrated as a natural alternative to treat pain and inflammation, and research on its applications should be ongoing.
Review: CBD Massage

Check out this review of CBD massage using our cream!

Have you booked YOUR CBD massage yet? Come to our spa in Santa Cruz and find out for yourself how amazing this treatment is. Many thanks to Tom Bentley for the awesome article on our company.




Review: CBD Origin
In this review, we will be taking a look at the popular Muscle & Joint Pain Relief CBD Cream from Vital Body Therapeutics. What really interested us about this product is that unlike other CBD brands, Vital Body Therapeutics did not start in CBD industry – the company actually started back in 2007 as Vital Body Therapy, a therapeutic massage center, and since then, has served over 50,000 people through holistic healing practices. 
Review: CBD at Vital Body
CBDreviews.net features the women of VBT for their "Celebrating Women-Owned" series. Check out what they had to say about our company!
Review: Good Times Magazine
Our therapeutic massage clinic was featured in an article by the Good Times Santa Cruz. Our mission has been to change the perception of massage as that of a luxury to a necessity. While a relaxing massage is certainly beneficial, skilled bodywork can treat and fix many soft tissue injuries. We know because we do it every day!