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The folks over at CBD Origin just reviewed our pain cream and gave it a glowing 5/5! We're thrilled that they gave us such high marks and more importantly, that our cream gave them relief from their pain. Mission accomplished! 

Vital Body Therapeutics Review

In this review, we will be taking a look at the popular Muscle & Joint Pain Relief CBD Cream from Vital Body Therapeutics. What really interested us about this product is that unlike other CBD brands, Vital Body Therapeutics did not start in CBD industry – the company actually started back in 2007 as Vital Body Therapy, a therapeutic massage center, and since then, has served over 50,000 people through holistic healing practices. With that level of experience, the Vital Body team must have been able to learn so much about the body, what causes pain, and in this situation, how to best formulate a product that best utilizes CBD for pain relief.

In our Vital Body Therapeutics CBD review, we will share our first impressions of their 200mg CBD Pain Cream (1.7oz), and discuss our experience with the product, its quality and pricing, and conclude with if its worth giving a try. Hope you enjoy!

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Pain Cream

Vital Body Therapeutics At A Glance

The first thing we noticed was how professionally branded and stylish the product was designed. Just from looking at the elegantly designed packaging, you can imagine this product at a Whole Foods or Sephora right next to the other high-end natural creams and moisturizers. The wooden lid engraved with the Vital Body Therapeutics logo and branding was a really nice touch too, which shows us that the company goes the extra mile to create a premium experience.

Visually, the product is a masterpiece. Now let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Usage Experience

Right from opening the jar, we were greeted with rich fragrances of ginger, arnica, lavender, and other pleasant essential oils. The cream featured a milky white appearance that was complimented by a rich, smooth texture that wasn’t too heavy or light. After applying a small dollop of the cream onto the hands, you can instantly feel the moisture and quality, which was followed by a cooling menthol sensation.

To test the product, we recruited several of our team members with symptoms such as achy fingers from arthritis,  sore joints from a heavy workouts, and chronic back pain from poor posture to try the product and determine if it would provide relief for their symptoms.

On an average of less than 5 minutes after using Vital Body’s Pain Cream, each member noticed mild-to-significant relief for their symptoms and smooth, moisturized skin where the cream was applied. After that initial usage, those members continued to use the pain cream everyday for a week. After finding consistent relief for their pain, everyone was in love with the product.

One of our testers even had this to say:
“This is some honest to goodness cream, the best i’ve tried thus far. I  love that the ingredients are simple and organic. The vital body muscle & joint pain relief cbd cream is the quintessential cbd cream and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cream to help relieve muscle and joint pain, soreness and dry skin!”


So what’s in this product that’s allowing it to deliver such pain relief to our testers?

From their vast experience and knowledge of the human body, the Vital Body Therapeutics team knew exactly what they were doing and formulated a blend of pain and inflammation relieving herbs that work synergistically with CBD to provide quick and effective relief.

In addition to 200 milligrams of premium CBD per jar, Vital Body Therapeutics Pain Cream formula contains high-quality ingredients such as arnica, lavender, comfrey, ginger root, and more (full ingredients list in sidebar); each hand chosen for quality and to deliver maximum results.

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Review

Price Vs. Value

Priced at just $38.00 on their website, Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Pain Cream is not only rich in high-quality ingredients, it’s actually much cheaper than most of the other options out there.

Considering the premium quality we saw first-hand, we were pleasantly surprised with how affordable the product was, and applaud Vital Body Therapeutics for making their product affordable for everyone.

Company Background

While Vital Body Therapeutics is still a rather new contender in the CBD industry, the founders of the company have an extensive background in bodyworking and pain relief, backed by an impressive list of accomplishments including:

  • Advanced Bodyworker and Rolfer with over 15 years of serving people in pain
  • Created Vital Body Therapy, the first therapeutic spa of its kind.
  • Helped over 50,000 people stay healthy, mobile and off pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Developed custom blended, luxurious massage creams for their staff and clients.
  • Employed and trained over 50 therapists to give effective, focused bodywork for chronic and acute injuries and stress related conditions.

That being said, Vital Body Therapeutics is probably one of the only brands with this level of knowledge and experience. This them a competitive edge over their competitors and allows their team to create world-class products like their Muscle & Joint Pain Relief CBD Cream, which is the best CBD pain relief cream we’ve ever tried.


After thoroughly reviewing Vital Body Therapeutics’ Muscle & Joint Pain Relief CBD Cream, we are absolutely in love with this product. From the packaging and quality ingredients, to the effectiveness and impressive company background, Vital Body Therapeutics earns 5-stars all around. If we had any complaints, it would be that we ran out!

If you’re looking for a premium CBD pain relieving cream, then you won’t find a better option. Plus, Vital Body’s Pain Cream is actually cheaper than almost every other product out there, so it’s really a no-brainer.

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