Spa Feature: The Moonacre Spa at Calistoga Motor Lodge
Moonacre Spa at Calistoga Motor Lodge is a lovely hotel spa nestled in the quiet hills of Napa Valley, CA. However, the hotel's fun-loving and wellness-centered personality is what offers the guests a one-of-a-kind experience, especially in Moonacre Spa.
Spa Feature: The Magic of Possetta Koujou and Tonic Wellness Boutique
Tonic Wellness Boutique is a state-of-the-art health and wellness center offering an array of healing and rejuvinating services.
Spa Feature: How The Historic Brown Palace Hotel Uses CBD to Transform The Spa Experience.
There are a ton of companies out there right now that are putting CBD in some very terrible products just to push CBD. We chose Vital Body specifically because of their ingredient deck, and then the CBD. I want to emphasize that as CBD continues to grow in the market and show its benefits, [it is important] that we don’t just promote CBD products, but that we are actually promoting wonderful, high-end products that happen to have CBD in them, like Vital Body.
How to implement CBD at your spa
Have you been considering implementing CBD at your spa and you are trying to figure out the best way to go about it?  At Vital Body we love to support our partners with materials to support implementation.  Here are the steps to start taking advantage of the incredible client benefits and the increase in profits that CBD has to offer. 
CBD massage cream and pain relief cream for injuries and arthritis, skin irritation and aches and pains.
Despite the fact that CBD research is in its infancy, we cannot deny what happened at our spa, Vital Body Therapy, in Santa Cruz, CA, when we introduced it to our clients. Utter transformation. We heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from hundreds of our clients and generated 30% more revenue in our first month. The impact this service has had on our clients and staff is hard to overstate.
Are You Injured? CBD Massage Can Help!

The wellness industry is booming and massage therapy as a profession is more relevant than ever. As health care cost increase, more people are looking at preventative medicine to save money and increase their vitality. It has become more cost effective to pay out of pocket for a therapeutic massage to treat a rotator cuff injury, for example, rather than to go to the doctor for an X-ray, MRI, or a prescription for physical therapy and pain medication. As therapists hone their skills and become more strategic in their session strategies, the positive results are manifold.

Review: CBD Origin
In this review, we will be taking a look at the popular Muscle & Joint Pain Relief CBD Cream from Vital Body Therapeutics. What really interested us about this product is that unlike other CBD brands, Vital Body Therapeutics did not start in CBD industry – the company actually started back in 2007 as Vital Body Therapy, a therapeutic massage center, and since then, has served over 50,000 people through holistic healing practices. 
Ingredient Highlights: 9 Pain Relieving Herbs + CBD

Nine of the most powerful herbs to relieve pain and inflammation, especially when due to arthritis, nerve pain, muscle strain, and repetitive stress injury. All these herbs are solar infused into nourishing olive and safflower oil for use in Vital Body Therapeutics topical pain relief products.