Spa Feature: The Moonacre Spa at Calistoga Motor Lodge

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The Calistoga Motor Lodge is a unique and lively hotel set right at the end of the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley. Designed with a “The Great American Road Trip” theme, this hotel will take guests on a fun-filled, yet comforting, adventure! The hotel's spa is called Moonacre Spa and I interviewed Chris Hilburn, the spa director of Moonacre Spa, about the ins and outs of this lovely establishment. 

Unlike the sophisticated and refined atmosphere that the wine country emulates, this hotel encourages the guests to relax, have fun, and be who they are. In fact, “Do Napa Differently!” is the slogan and motto that the hotel lives by. “There is a mindset among many who wish to visit Napa Valley that the area requires a certain fussiness to fit in and have a good time.” explained Chris. “CML believes that you can come as you are and still have a fabulous time.”   

Set within the hotel, the Moonacre Spa follows the same focus. “Our Spa is anything but regular,” said Chris. “From the standpoint of design, product, customer service, range of treatments and special events, the Spa works from the premise that wellness can and should be a fun and social pursuit. [We believe] that spas play an important role as hubs of social interaction.” 

Thus, while still exhibiting its tranquil essence, Moonacre Spa encourages a more communal environment, as opposed to the reserved atmosphere that is common within other luxury Napa hotels. It offers a variety of treatments that are perfect for group parties, such as the “The Splish-Splash," which was inspired by social bathhouses from hundreds of years ago. This treatment allows friends and families to bathe and soak together in the most soothing salts and minerals. The spa also hosts events that welcome the new seasons. The "Summer Solstice Party," for example, invites guests to celebrate the longest day of the year together with mini-treatments, fun surprises and scrumptious delicacies.

Other than the inclusive atmosphere, what attracts the guests to the spa are the treatments that “bring a twist to traditional services.” The “Mud Bake” or “Perfectly Muddled” treatment takes the famous Calistoga mud baths and turns them into an interactive and entertaining event. According to Chris, guests can apply the detoxifying mud on themselves, relax under the sun until it dries, and then rinse it off in rainfall showers. The “Garden Vichy” is similar to the normal Vichy treatments, except the guests are pampered outdoors in the spa garden with a full body grape seed scrub. 

This break from the traditional extends into the massages, as Moonacre offers a special CBD massage, which utilizes the Vital Body Massage Cream. When asked why the spa decided to incorporate CBD into their menu, Chris explained that they have been aware of the pain-relieving properties of the ingredient and knew that it would help their guests in relieving soreness and stress. 

“Just as all of the other treatments we have, CBD works!” Chris replied. “We offer a Vital Body Epsom Salt Soak in our clawfoot tubs and a CBD full body massage. Combine them both and the guests will float through the rest of their day.” In addition to the effectiveness of the ingredient, Chris also emphasized that they implemented CBD massages and soaks into their menu because of the quality of the products themselves. “Vital Body has been working with their own CBD products for years and has a tried and true success record with them.” he explained. “It is women-owned and [the owners] operate business with integrity and [are] very supportive of their customers.” 

Chris wrapped up the interview by highlighting that Moonacre Spa is not here just for the novelty; it is built to help guests and provide them with the care and wellness that they deserve. “Moonacre has an inclusive, unpretentious approach to spa.” Chris said. “We believe that wellness should be affordable and accessible for everyone, and we aim at making a difference in people’s lives. This world can always use more happy and relaxed people.” 

At the end of the day, it is clear that Moonacre Spa and Castiloga Motor Lodge are passionate about helping their guests relax and be who they are. We at Vital Body are so happy to partner with such a wonderful hotel spa!


By Gloria Huang

Gloria Huang is a Vital Body Therapeutic intern, who is currently a fourth year student of Theater and Communication at UCSB. When she isn't writing for Vital Body or studying for her college classes, she is acting in theater productions and films.

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