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The word is out: CBD is helping people across the nation with a myriad of chronic and acute physical issues. Young and old, rich and poor, liberals and conservatives all come back saying the same thing: CBD is helping ease their discomfort. 

Despite the fact that CBD research is in its infancy, we cannot deny what happened at our spa, Vital Body Therapy, in Santa Cruz, CA, when we introduced it to our clients. Utter transformation. We heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from hundreds of our clients and generated 30% more revenue in our first month. The impact this service has had on our clients and staff is hard to overstate.


Introducing CBD massage and products into our spa gave us revenue boost we needed to offset our payroll costs, inspire our therapists and stand out before our competition. In our first month of launching CBD at Vital Body, we booked 86 CBD massages and sold 3K in retail CBD products. 

Top 5 reasons to offer CBD massage in conjunction with CBD retail products:

1. Increase your revenue without increasing your payroll costs. 

2. Provide a proven therapeutic benefit to you clients.

3. Set your spa above your competition.

4. Inspire your therapists and soothe their hard-working hands.

5. Be on the front end of a transformation in the wellness industry.

It's not easy to make it as a spa. There are so many barriers to success, even when your spa seems to doing well by all outer appearances. We highly recommend introducing this service and witnessing the impact. 

Our proprietary CBD massage cream has be tested on thousands of our clients at our clinic, Vital Body Therapy, in Santa Cruz, CA, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.  Made by massage therapists, for massage therapists, we are obsessed with quality, efficacy, absorption, glide, scent, and viscosity - all the components that make for a great massage cream.

We formulated it from scratch with eight organic pain relieving herbs including Arnica, Comfrey, Chamomile, Calendula, Dandelion, Ginger Root, and Hemp-Derived CBD for maximum relief of pain and inflammation. 

If you are interested in offering CBD massage at your spa or clinic, we will help you implement the service to ensure that you are successful. We will provide you with marketing materials to display for your clients so they can easily understand the benefits as well as any training you might desire. 

(Offering CBD massage in conjunction with our line of CBD pain Relief products drives sales on both ends -- clients who receive a CBD massage purchase the pain cream or mineral soak, while those who see the products displayed in your retail area are driven to book a CBD massage.)

We look forward to working with you!




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