Ingredient Highlights: Dandelion and Its Benefits for the Skin
In this blog post, learn about the boundless benefits of Dandelion sap and oil, specifically for the skin.
Ingredient Highlight: Ginger and Its Benefits for Arthritis
Ginger is an incredible root that contains healing and inflammation-reducing properties. We use ginger extract in most of our products and a large part of the products' effectiveness is due to including this herb in our formula.
Where We Source Our Organic Herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs is more than just a top-notch, organic  herbal supplier. Read about why this business is so incomparably special.
When to use CBD Balm for Pain Management
 If you are new to CBD creams and CBD balms in your massage or body care routine it can be confusing at first on which product to use when.  While the products are similar and can be interchangeable they offer exclusive benefits in different situations. The obvious being that the balm works amazing for on-the-go applications or to spot treat.  The cream is great for a full-body application. But did you know CBD cream and the CBD balm work well layered or that both have additional uses?
What is full spectrum hemp oil?
People often ask about the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil. At the moment, there isn't an industry standard definition for each. Some use the term Full Spectrum to describe hemp oil that has a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. Even if there is less than .03%, some would call this a full spectrum. Some use the term Broad Spectrum in reference to hemp oil wherein 100% of the THC has been removed.
Soaking Up the Sun: CBD Herbal Solar Infusion

A critical component of our formulations is the blend of healing organic herbs we use. We don’t just toss some herbs in there and call it a day. Rather, we use a 6-week process of solar infusion to extract the medicinal properties of the herbs into a blend of organic olive and safflower oils. 

Ingredient Highlights: 9 Pain Relieving Herbs + CBD

Nine of the most powerful herbs to relieve pain and inflammation, especially when due to arthritis, nerve pain, muscle strain, and repetitive stress injury. All these herbs are solar infused into nourishing olive and safflower oil for use in Vital Body Therapeutics topical pain relief products.