Full vs Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

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People often ask about the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp oil. At the moment, there isn't an industry standard definition for each. Some use the term full spectrum to describe hemp oil that has a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. Even if there is less than .03%, some would call this a full spectrum. Some use the term broad spectrum in reference to hemp oil wherein 100% of the THC has been removed.

We work with a grass roots farm in Oregon that focuses their efforts on developing the best extraction methods available. Our trusted advisor, Cory Hill, from C-Side Supply says, "Our extraction processes have been designed to maximize not only CBD levels, but also, CBC, CBN and CBG.  When you hear the terms full or broad spectrum, they refer to oils that have not only CBD but also these other cannabinoids.  Preserving these cannabinoids requires extreme care as they can be destroyed in each step of the distillation process.  Further we have developed industry leading THC removal methodologies that result in non detectable THC levels.  This can be extremely important for your customers who work for the Federal Government or at entities with stringent drug testing regimens".

At VBT, we will continue to source only the finest ingredients from forward thinking companies that share our values and integrity. 

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  • Is this product safe to take with other drugs such as for blood pressure atrial fibulation and Targin…pain killers I have very bad ostio arthritis and i’m 76 years old non smoker non drinker..

    anne Williams on

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