When to use CBD Balm for Pain Management

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If you are new to CBD creams and CBD balms in your massage or body care routine, it can be confusing at first to know which product to use when.  While the products are similar and can be interchangeable they offer exclusive benefits in different situations. The obvious being that the balm works amazing for on-the-go applications or spot treatments.  The cream is great for a full-body application. But, did you know CBD cream and CBD balm work well layered or that both have additional uses?

"We solar infuse all the same incredible, organic pain relieving herbs into the cream and balm. We created a balm to be lightweight and easy for travel. Throw it in your gym bag, purse or golf bag. Take it hiking or to the beach. It's easy to include in your everyday life!"

When To Use CBD Cream and Balm in Massage
There are two primary ways to use CBD in massage: as a full-body lubricant and for spot treatments.   After consulting with the client, the massage therapist can apply CBD Balm directly to areas that the client has indicated as painful.  The Balm will give relief and added relaxation as the client receives their  massage. The therapist will then continue the massage with CBD Cream or Extra Strength CBD Cream over the entire body including the spots where the CBD Balm was applied.  This double application helps decrease pain and inflammation and aides in relaxation.

CBD pain CreamThe jawline and scalp hold tension for many clients.  By warming up a small amount of CBD Balm onto fingertips and massaging into these problem areas clients feel the benefits without leaving heavy creams or oils in the hair or on the face.  The texture of the Balm allows for control of tricky areas while still allowing for slip and results. CBD Balm makes pedicures better by layering well with an Epsom salt scrub foot or body scrub and is an ideal texture for foot and hand massage.  CBD Balm can also be used as a lip balm, cuticle cream, dry patch relief, and foot balm.

CBD Cream offers more glide for a full-body application.  The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits of CBD allows the massage therapist to work more effectively.  CBD Cream helps keep the skin perfectly lubricated to do just that throughout the entire massage. CBD Cream also promotes restful sleep, full-body relaxation, aromatherapy, and skin hydration.    More tips on implementing CBD into your spa.

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