The Benefits Of Indulging In A CBD Bath
We are big fans of a CBD bath here at Vital Body Therapeutics. When days are long or muscles ache nothing gives the same amount of relief as a long CBD Epsom soak and a good book. One of the most asked questions is how to use the CBD Epsom soak! So today, we are sharing how we create a CBD bath ritual and the benefits of indulging in a CBD bath.



First, let’s talk about the benefits.  Epsom salt is not like the salt you put on your food but a combination of magnesium, sulfate, and oxygen.  When placed in water it breaks down and your skin is more likely to absorb it in this state. This is thought to help with muscle aches, arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps, and insomnia.  It even helps calm dry or itchy skin. Try scrubbing dry skin patches with a little salt prior to getting in the tub. We like to do it over the tub so we don’t waste product. Adding a CBD Epsom soak to your self-care routine once or twice a week could be just what you were missing! 

How to Create the Perfect CBD BathFirst, light a candle and put on some music or bring in a book.  We recommend the water to be as warm as you can handle and soak for 15 minutes or more.  If you tend to get warm quickly--bring in a large chilled bottle of water and a cold washcloth to drape on your forehead.  To avoid scrambling around grab everything you will need to get out of the bath like a towel and mat.  

Add 1-4 servings of our CBD Epsom Soak into running water.  This depends on your day.  If you are really sore from a workout or long stressful day add more.  If you are just doing a bit of routine self-care just add 1 serving (5 oz).  You can’t add too much and we often add the whole bag after an intense workout, long hours in the warehouse or a day spent chasing the kids!

After the bath, you can rinse off but it isn’t necessary.  Follow up by applying our CBD Pain Relief Cream or Balm to trouble areas. (Learn which is right for you here.) Like your knees or back or even the scalp to help with headaches or sleep issues.  To keep skin soft and supple finish with our new CBD Body Oil to the entire body. 

Get The Tools

  • A great app to help veg out is Headspace.

  • We love Audible for a great listen while in the tub.

  • Our CBD Epsom Soak is the best-  not only is there 200mg of CBD but *St. John's Wort, *Thyme, *Devil's Claw, *Ginger Root, *Chamomile, *Holy Basil menthol and more!

  • Candles we love are SoCal Candle Co. The Eucalyptus compliments the herbs in our CBD Epsom Soak perfectly. 

  • A great bath tray makes every night a spa night. No need to get fancy a cute wall shelf will do the trick.  Just measure your tub a pick one that will rest comfortably without falling in the tub.

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