The Benefits Of Indulging In A CBD Bath
We are big fans of a CBD bath here at Vital Body Therapeutics. When days are long or muscles ache nothing gives the same amount of relief as a long CBD Epsom soak and a good book. One of the most asked questions is how to use the CBD Epsom soak! So today, we are sharing how we create a CBD bath ritual and the benefits of indulging in a CBD bath.
When to use CBD Balm for Pain Management
 If you are new to CBD creams and CBD balms in your massage or body care routine it can be confusing at first on which product to use when.  While the products are similar and can be interchangeable they offer exclusive benefits in different situations. The obvious being that the balm works amazing for on-the-go applications or to spot treat.  The cream is great for a full-body application. But did you know CBD cream and the CBD balm work well layered or that both have additional uses?
Are You Injured? CBD Massage Can Help!

The wellness industry is booming and massage therapy as a profession is more relevant than ever. As health care cost increase, more people are looking at preventative medicine to save money and increase their vitality. It has become more cost effective to pay out of pocket for a therapeutic massage to treat a rotator cuff injury, for example, rather than to go to the doctor for an X-ray, MRI, or a prescription for physical therapy and pain medication. As therapists hone their skills and become more strategic in their session strategies, the positive results are manifold.