Gua Sha Tool
Gua Sha Tool
Gua Sha Tool
Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha Tool

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The Chinese therapy of Gua Sha involves smoothing a shaped stone over the face. Massaging the stone over the skin promotes circulation, helping to detoxify and cleanse the lymph and blood. It also smooths and lengthens muscles over time, decreasing the appearance of fine lines. Finally, the Gua Sha tools pushes skin care products deeper into the dermis, allowing for greater delivery of serums and moisturizes to the skin.

Note: This kit includes directions for use.

Holding the Gua Sha stone at 45 degrees, glide the edge across your skin in an up and/or outward direction to follow lymphatic flow. The heart-shaped part can be used along the contours of the jawline, cheekbone, eyes, and nose.

Neck: Starting near the collarbone, glide the gua sha tool towards the jaw, working your way outward toward the shoulders.

Jawline & Chin: Massage the gua sha from the center of the chin along the jaw. When you reach your ear, pivot the tool downward and sweep down toward the collarbone.

Cheeks: Start at the side of the nose and pull gently across your cheek bone to your hairline.

Forehead: Start at the center and glide the tool upwards to the hairline. Repeat while working your way out to the temples.

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