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Vital Body founders, Kelly Stoll and Jennifer Galvin, were massage therapists for 15 years before launching Vital Body. They’ve got some tips to share with you on how to create the perfect CBD massage experience. Using the Vital Body CBD cream or body oil will surely create a healing experience for you and a partner, family or close friends!

For focused massage on painful or tight areas, use the regular or extra strength CBD Cream. Start by warming the cream in your hands, then apply a small amount to the area your partner has requested.

  • Begin by “warming up” the area by using light to medium strokes and gentle kneading.
  • After the cream has rubbed in a bit, find the tight spot or knot and slowly sink in deeper using either your thumbs, the heel of your palm, or a soft closed fist. Move over the area slowly and smoothly, or just hang out on a knot. As the muscle starts to relax, ask your partner if they would like more pressure and if so, gently sink in just a little deeper.
  • After applying this focused pressure to painful areas, it’s time to “make nice” with a few broad, lighter gliding strokes – similar to how you started the massage.
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For relaxing massage on the whole body or larger zones such as the back or legs, use either the cream or body oil (careful to avoid the eyes if using the cream, as it does contain menthol). Start by warming the cream/oil in your hands first.

  • Start with a few long, gliding strokes on your partner’s body to apply the cream/oil to the whole area you’ll be massaging.
  • Alternate between these long gliding strokes and gentle kneading using fingers/hands. Move to a different zone after
  • Be mindful to keep your hands and fingers as relaxed and soft as possible (so they don’t feel like rigid sticks!), and keep a steady, rhythmic pace that isn’t too fast.
  • Finish the massage by slowing your pace even more and closing with a soft hold either on the feet or base of the neck.

A regular massage is great on it's own, but adding CBD massage cream takes it up a notch. CBD massages are even more relaxing, with deeper relief for all your muscles, joints and skin. 

Do you know someone interested in offering CBD massage in their business or practice? Check out our wholesale page for more info.

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