5 Reasons to Offer An Extra Strength CBD Spa Service

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CBD Massage Extra StrengthWhy do people choose a CBD Service?

In 2020, the research on the CBD market found that the top 3 reasons consumers are purchasing CBD is for pain, anxiety, and insomnia.  We know that CBD applied topically is an effective way to target problem areas and ease minor aches and pains.  A surprising bit of information, however, is that many spas (as well as the CBD companies that provide their backbar products) do not actually know how many milligrams of CBD are in each CBD service! Do you? 

Why does this matter? 

While we know that for some people, a small amount of CBD can kick start the endocannabinoid system, research shows that everybody responds differently.  Some people need more CBD than others to get the desired results.  For those people that need more, offering an extra strength service to the menu will generate confidence and provide real results.

5 reasons to add an extra strength CBD spa service: 

1. PROVIDE AN OPTION: Provide an option for your clients who suffer from acute and chronic injuries or who are in extreme discomfort.
2. OFFER EXTRA RELIEF: Offer extra relief for those hard core athletes and weekend warriors with a sports-focused session.
3. EXCITE YOUR CUSTOMERS: Excite the savvy consumers who know they need a higher dose of CBD to feel it.
4. BEAT THE COMPETITION: Stand out amongst your competitors for having clarity and vision in your therapeutic use of CBD.
5. BUILD CONFIDENCE: Generate confidence with some while educating others, by specifying the amount of CBD in the service.

Consumers are getting smarter about CBD

Remember, as the market matures so do the consumers. People who have experience using CBD usually have an idea about the dosage they need to get results. So, while a product with low amounts of CBD might still have some beneficial effects, it also might not be strong enough for your clients who are in severe pain or dealing with an acute injury.  Giving your clients the relief and rest they need by offering an extra strength CBD service will keep them coming back for more. 

Vital Body is your resource...

Reach out if you have questions, comments, or would like more information about our wholesale program. We are happy to share our services protocols with you or help you craft a premium CBD offering for your clients. 


Vital Body Therapeutics started in our spa with one purpose in mind: to offer our clients the most effective and elegant line of hemp CBD products on the market. We are committed to serving our partners with impeccable customer service, education and training. Learn More about our wholesale program HERE.

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