8 Keys to Optimize Your CBD Offering

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We have been obsessively perfecting our CBD offering at our spa, Vital Body Therapy for 4 years.   Using what we have learned, we've crafted some tips and tools to help you optimize your CBD program. A solid CBD program accomplishes three main goals: 1. Drives revenue to the spa 2. Makes a lasting difference in people’s lives 3. Supports and inspires the staff.

1. Portion out the CBD massage cream into 1oz jars

CBD  massage at your spa

There are three reasons for this.  Firstly, often times therapists use a bit too much cream in a session. Portioning out the CBD massage cream ensures that none of this therapeutic (and pricey) cream goes to waste (or clogs your sink). Secondly, it makes tracking your ROI a cinch. If you purchase a 48oz container of CBD cream, you should see that 48 CBD massages were performed by the time you finished with it. Lastly, portioning out the cream allows you to market the exact milligram dosage to your clients. At Vital Body, 1oz of massage cream has 50mg of CBD. We highly recommend that you highlight that in the menu description. As people get more savvy with CBD, they inevitably discover what dosage works best for them.

2. Make CBD it’s own service, not just an upgrade. 

Making CBD its own service adds to its novelty giving your clients the impression that it’s truly something special – which it is! As just an “add-on” service, its novelty - and benefits -  are diminished. The result is LESS SALES.  Making CBD it's own service gives you space in the menu to highlight what the benefits are and why it's worth paying for. A CBD service should stand out for what it is – a powerful and transformative experience worth paying for. Your clients will respond to your enthusiasm and clarity by choosing the service. Guaranteed.

3. Talk about the benefits of CBD in the menu description.

Use the menu description to educate and entice your clients by calling out the benefits of CBD. Here’s an example of a good menu description:

Therapeutic healing and stress relief combine in our Vital Body CBD Massage. Simultaneously manage your pain and bring your body into balance with our natural hemp-derived CBD massage cream. Specifically formulated to reduce inflammation and pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, sprains and strains, muscle soreness, skin irritation and nerve inflammation. A delightful blend of five essential oils immediately induces relaxation.

4. Offer CBD as both a service and in retail.

Services drive retail and retail drives services. Period. After a great CBD massage, people are going to want to know how they can continue the healing at home. This is when it becomes crucial that your staff are well educated about the benefits of CBD and can speak fluently to their clients.

5. Upgrade to a CBD massage when booking a client. 

Upgrade to a CBD massage

In our spa, over 35% of clients will upgrade to a CBD massage service if the front desk staff specifically asks when booking: “Would you like to upgrade to a CBD massage?”. Even if the client says “no”, they will often respond with a question like, “What is that?”, or, “Do you think it would be helpful for my arthritis (fill in the complaint)?”. Even a follow up question allows the front desk staff an opportunity to educate the client about CBD, potentially driving a retail sale or a future booking.

CBD EDUCATION for spa professionals

6. Properly educate your staff.

CBD training is a must. And if the training is good,  every staff member should be able to answer these questions...

True or False:

  • The World Health Organization did a study on CBD  and found that that CBD is: non-toxic, non-addictive, non-psychoactive. TRUE.
  • The only legal difference between hemp and marijuana is that CBD has less than .3% THC. TRUE.
  • CBD is beneficial for arthritis, bruising and skin irritation. TRUE.
  • CBD is safe to be used topically when you are pregnant. TRUE. 

If your staff feels comfortable talking about CBD, they will have the confidence to recommend the service and products. Good training is crucial to driving revenue.

7. Incentivize staff with a commission.

FACT: CBD is one of very few retail items that massage therapists actually want to sell. Massage therapists are healers, and nothing excites them more than when their clients actually get better! When massage therapists know they have a product that will increase the efficacy of their treatment, they want to push it. Offering your staff a commission is a way of appreciating and incentivizing their enthusiasm. Giving goes a long way.

8. Signage is key.

Place signage in the treatment rooms (and even in the bathroom) announcing CBD as a service. Little hints and enticements stimulate curiosity and eventually lead to a sale. Market the service!

Do these things and watch as the revenue from CBD services and retail grows and grows. And if you have other ideas, things that have worked in your spa, please share them with us! Leave a message in the comments section or reach out. We would love to learn more about what is working for you. sales@vitalbodytherapeutics.com


Vital Body Therapeutics started in our spa with one purpose in mind: to offer our clients the most effective and elegant line of hemp CBD products on the market. We are committed to serving our partners with impeccable customer service, education and training. Learn More about our wholesale program HERE.

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