A CBD Journey To Bliss

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Miramonte Spa CBD Experience

The Well Spa, an award winning, luxurious and romantic wellness destination located in the Miramonte Resort and Spa Indian Wells, is launching a truly innovative spa service called “CBD Journey To Bliss.” This revolutionary service layers 5 CBD products in a two-hour spa service that is truly unforgettable. Located on 11 expansive acres of olive trees, fragrant citrus groves, rose, herb and flower gardens, this stunning Indian Wells destination is a must visit for spa goers, wellness enthusiasts and CBD lovers alike.

The CBD Journey To Bliss begins with a full dose of Vital Body’s Restore CBD + turmeric tincture, which contains 40 mg of CBD. Rated as one of the best tasting CBD tinctures on the market, starting the journey with a dropperful of this delicious tincture under the tongue sets the scene for an epic experience of profound relaxation. Next, you are escorted to an outdoor patio with a beautiful garden view. There, the therapist draws a hot CBD and magnesium mineral salt bath, featuring essential oils of bergamot, ho wood and lavender. Sink in for a hot 20 minute soak, before returning to the treatment room for a luxurious full body dry brushing designed to increase circulation, drain lymphatic fluid and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Rest deeply as your body is anointed with a gorgeous CBD and Rosehip massage oil, packed with plant botanicals known for their incredible benefits including, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, and ginger. The aromas of pure essential oils like juniper, orange, cedarwood, and vetiver balance mind and body as you slide into a deep state of bliss.

To deepen the experience, you are then cocooned in a warming body wrap as your skin completely absorbs this deeply hydrating oil. While wrapped, your hands and feet will be polished with Vital Body’s coconut-sugar CBD Brilliance Body Scrub. Gently exfoliating the skin while sea salts replenish the skin with minerals, you inhale the a touch of palo santo in the grounded citrus and vanilla essential oils.

Finish the journey with the lightly floral and antioxidant rich CBD Luminous Facial oil as it's delicately smoothed across the face and neck, relieving jaw tension while hydrating delicate skin. This oil is non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types, and lightens and brightens the skin while building collagen and reducing fine lines.

It's hard to imagine a more profound healing journey. This layered service will bring you to a state of bliss, relaxation and offers a true experience of your wholeness.  The next time you need a luxurious getaway and some deep healing, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of this incomparable treatment at the award winning Well Spa.

Visit the spa: https://www.miramonteresort.com/the-well-spa/



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